BITZER updates selection software


28 May 2019
BITZER has issued a new version of its selection and performance software, allowing users to select the latest compressor models and refrigerants.

The software is only recently available in version 6.10.0, which enables users to select many new compressor models and refrigerants, with a key focus on the long-standing company’s screw compressors. The performance data for compressors of the HS series ranging between 20 and 75 Hz is now available for all conventional refrigerants. The corresponding VARIPACK frequency inverter can be selected as an accessory for any compressor.
A new Technical Information also contains additional details about operating screw compressors with external frequency inverters. New CSVH3 and CSVW3 compressor models have also been incorporated into the software, whilst the manufacturer has added new refrigerants for the CSH.6 series. A further screw compressor has been integrated in the form of the CSW10593-400Y.
In the scroll compressor segment, ORBIT, ORBIT+ and ORBIT FIT scroll compressors can now also be selected for operation with external frequency inverters in the BITZER software – for all conventional refrigerants in the frequency range from 35 to 75 Hz. BITZER has also added the refrigerant R452B.
Users can access the expanded software via the BITZER website or download it directly here.
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