Bitzer to acquire Denmark's OJ Electronics


01 June 2023
Rainer Große-Kracht, left, Vice Chairman of the Board and CTO of Bitzer, and Christian Wehrle, right, CEO of Bitzer, welcome Erik Damsgaard, CEO of OJ Electronics

Compressor specialist Bitzer has announced its intention to acquire Danish controls company OJ Electronics. Both parties have signed the acquisition contract and the transaction is expected to close no later than in Q3 2023.

Bitzer says it is investing in broadening its scope for electronic components especially in air handling and floor heating systems – and supporting energy efficiency in the HVAC&R industry as well as intelligent solutions for heating. 

OJ Electronics, founded in 1964, is a technology and innovation leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of control solutions for ventilation systems and electric floor heating. Its product portfolio consists of controls and panels for air handling units as well as drives for fans and compressors in ventilation systems and thermostats for electric floor heating. 

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Christian Wehrle, CEO of the Bitzer Group, said: "Family orientation and innovation is what makes both OJ Electronics and us successful – and we are sure that this cultural fit will lead to even greater success . Welcoming OJ Electronics to Bitzer by investing in energy-efficient and smart electronic components shows our strong profitable growth strategy entirely in the sense of 'more than a compressor'.''

Erik Damsgaard, CEO of OJ Electronics, said: "We are very happy to become part of the global Bitzer family because we have the same culture and values. Family-oriented, trustworthy and always placing the customer in the centre – these are the most important values for both of our companies.''

OJ Electronics employs more than 180 people and is based in Sønderborg, Denmark.