BITZER delivers first condenser produced at extended factory


17 September 2019
condenser shell and tube evaporator germany italy france
The first new condenser manufactured by BITZER in Rottenburg-Hailfingen has been delivered to a French customer
BITZER has delivered the first new condenser produced at its own factory in Germany, following the acquisition of Alfa Laval's shell and tube evaporator and condenser business in 2018.
BITZER acquired the Alfa Laval portfolio of shell and tube evaporators and condensers for air conditioning and refrigeration applications in April last year.
Until May 2019, the products were manufactured at the Alfa Laval factory in Alonte, Italy. Production is now in the process of being transferred to the BITZER HEXPV (heat exchangers and pressure vessels) factory in Germany. All CRF, CXP, CXPM and McDEW condensers are now produced at Rottenburg-Hailfingen and direct expansion evaporators will be manufactured there from January 2020.

The Rottenburg-Hailfingen site has been expanded, adding more production capacity and jobs. The factory has produced heat exchangers and pressure vessels since 1985. BITZER has produced condensers for fresh and seawater applications since the 1950s. The company says the purchase of the Alfa Laval’s portfolio has made it the world's largest independent manufacturer in the shell and tube heat exchanger market. 
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