BITZER awards joy at ACREX India


20 March 2018
The BITZER team with the two award-winning compressors
BITZER claimed two awards at the ACREX India trade show in Bengaluru.

The OS.A95 screw compressor won the Green Products category and the ECOLINE reciprocating compressor with IQ module was runner-up in the Innovation category.
The OS.A95 offers a climate-friendly and powerful solution for ammonia applications. The natural refrigerant has no global-warming potential and does not damage the ozone layer. Typical applications include medium and low-temperature refrigerated distribution warehouses, shock freezers and process liquid chillers.

ECOLINE compressors offer maximum energy efficiency in full and part-load and are designed for an extensive range of applications in supermarkets and beyond. The range offers maximum freedom in the selection of refrigerant, from climate-friendly refrigerants such as R1234yf, R1234ze(E), low-GWP blends or natural refrigerants In combination with the VARISTEP mechanical capacity control, users are able to infinitely adjust compressor capacity between 10 and 100%. The IQ module monitors the system independently and sends out a warning if the specified applications limits are exceeded. 
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