BITZER academy chief's guide to refrigeration


10 June 2021

The director of BITZER's Schaufler Academy, Volker Stamer, has published a guide to the Fundamentals of Refrigeration (Grundlagen der Kältetechnik).

The bilingual manual contains basic information in German and English for people entering the industry, and can also serve as a reference for experienced technicians.

The 220-page guide aims to give readers an overview of the key aspects of refrigeration and fill in partial knowledge gaps. It covers areas from the fundamentals of thermodynamics and the components of a refrigerating circuit, through to commissioning and troubleshooting refrigeration systems. 

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The work draws on the knowledge of numerous experts, including Rainer Burger, Professor Johannes Reichelt and Michael Stalter of TWK, and BITZER's Hermann Renz and Dr Heinz Jürgensen.

Stamer said: ‘The work makes an important contribution to raising the significance of our sector. To the individual, refrigeration and air conditioning mostly operate unnoticed in the background, although every single one of us comes into contact with them – often without realising it. These days, you need cooling for everything. This work will help anyone who is interested learn more about the fascinating world of refrigeration, be they a beginner or more advanced.’

The book is available in hardback for €29.80 and as an e-book for €29.99. For pupils and students, the hardback edition is available for as little as €19.80 – when placing the order, corresponding documentation of student/pupil status must be uploaded.

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