Big Foot Systems arrives in India


09 November 2017
Big Foot Systems has completed its first installation in India, supplying its Light Duty Frame to support rooftop plant on an office building in Bangalore.

IT company OPEN TEXT is based in the new office building and chose the system as it wanted a neat and standard roof installation that was quick and easy to install.
Chosen to support 14 VRF outdoor units on a concrete roof, the four Light Duty (LD) frames created a freestanding framework system that is non-penetrative, meaning there is no chance of leaks in the future and there was no need to involve a civil contractor in making concrete on site. The frames are robust yet lightweight so less structural support was needed elsewhere and calculations for wind loadings were used to ensure the frames can withstand local wind conditions. The range offers an array of solutions to support a variety of AHUs, VRFs and air conditioning systems.
Jai Kumar, Territory Sales Manager, Big Foot Systems, said “This was a new product for the country – the LD frames were very easy to install and no challenges were experienced. It only took two hours to fit each frame with just two men and no special tools. The products met the customer’s requirements and they are very pleased with the final installation.”                           

MEP consultant Thomas Verghees, of Air Synthesis, Bangalore, specified Big Foot Systems for the project and worked with architects Simha Associates and contractors Surajmani Engineers to deliver the project.
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