BAC showtime at IIAR


18 March 2019
The Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) showcased its Vertex evaporative condenser and TrilliumSeries adiabatic condenser at the 2019 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference and Expo in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Vertex claims peak reliability combined with easy maintenance. Due to the industrial-grade rigidity of the unit, the upper section can be aligned to the lower section in less than 15 minutes per cell, reducing installation costs by 30%.
Water volume is reduced by up to 30%, saving on water and chemical costs. This helps reduce the operating weight by an average of 16%.

The TrilliumSeries adiabatic condenser is said to combine the best of wet and dry cooling and offers up to 44% energy savings compared to a traditional air-cooled condenser. Users can minimise carbon emissions with natural CO2 cooling in any climate.
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