Airmaster joins Eurovent


31 October 2023

Danish ventilation manufacturer Airmaster has become a member of industry association Eurovent.

Established in 1991, Airmaster produces decentralised ventilation units with heat recovery. Its primary market focus is on school buildings, kindergartens and some working offices mainly in northern and central Europe. Its HQ in Aars features a modern test centre with airtight and soundproof areas. 

Joakim Hansen, Business Developer at Airmaster, said: “We have previously followed Eurovent’s activities on the sideline through our activities in the Danish national association VELTEK. However, with the increasing focus on decentralised ventilation, which is happening on the European ventilation market, we believe it was the right time to become full members of Eurovent.

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"Airmaster has through time been an innovation hub and lighthouse for decentralised ventilation. We look forward to, together with other members of Eurovent, help set the agenda for decentralised ventilation, as we move closer and closer to EU’s 2030 goal of decarbonising buildings, where sustainable ventilation technology is going to play a major factor.”