Aermec rises to New York condo challenge


18 May 2020
WWM modular chiller units from Aermec

Aermec provided a timely solution when a chiller in a multi-family condominium in New York City needed replacing, by completing the installation and commissioning of new chillers within two weeks.

The chiller in the 15-storey complex had reached the end of its life and the occupants of the building, comprising 59 residential and three commercial units, needed a fast solution to minimise any downtime.

Space constraints meant that installing a traditional chiller would have required substantial renovations. Operating on a tight budget, the building required a financially suitable solution that also offered a more sustainable approach with less environmental impact.

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The small plant room, with limited access, required a modular approach. Working with Highmark, a leading construction equipment supplier in New York, Aermec’s solution was a 30-ton WWM modular unit with eight modular chillers.

The WWM’s flexible design enabled all eight modules to be wheeled into position via the building’s standard doors and lifts.

By using high-efficiency scroll compressors, sustainable refrigerants and plate-type heat exchangers the environmental criteria were addressed.

In addition to offering a highly efficient solution, the Aermec chillers also helped the building exceed ASHRAE 90.1 energy-code efficiency standards and complied with New York City’s regulations.