York absorption chillers and heat pumps using different energy resources introduced in Europe


05 August 2016
A global leader in delivering solutions that increase energy efficiency in buildings, introduced a new range of York absorption chillers (YHAU) and heat pumps (YHAP), with the most diverse, modern and flexible offering to the European market.

These units can use a variety of driving heat resources like hot water, steam, gas, light oil or exhaust gas. Both the YHAU chillers and YHAP heat pumps use water as refrigerant, which results in zero ozone depletion, and makes these units highly sustainable and efficient.

​Common applications include industrial processes; combined heat and power (CHP); commercial buildings; turbine inlet air cooling and district energy systems. 

YHAU Chillers

The YHAU absorption chillers are designed with an advanced two-step evaporation and absorption cycle technology. It operates similar to how a series-counter-flow arrangement splits the work between two chillers. However, the YHAU design has two pressure levels that uniquely divide the absorption process into two steps. The chilled water flows through the tubes in series through the two evaporators while the concentrated lithium-bromide solution is distributed in the absorber shell side in the opposite direction. This enhances absorption of the refrigerant into the concentrated solution, reducing solution concentrations and overall pressure. This makes the unit more efficient and reliable than conventional designs. 

YHAP heat pumps

The YHAP absorption heat pumps use a variety of waste heat from various sources to create useful energy. The YHAP heat pumps are far more efficient than a boiler because they require less additional heat (energy). The units reduce primary energy and water consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. They operate below the atmospheric pressure with low sound and vibration levels and employ the innovative two-step evaporation and absorption cycle technology.

Showcase at international trade fair Chillventa in October

Johnson Controls will be demonstrating the YHAU-CL, a single-effect hot water absorption chiller, during Chillventa. This international trade fair for refrigeration, air conditioning & heat pumps takes place from 11 October, 2016 to 13 October, 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany. Johnson Controls is welcoming you at two booths, one in hall 6 (number 146) and one in Hall 7 (number 423). 

To learn more about the YORK YHAU chillers and YHAP heat pumps, visit www.johnsoncontrols.com, or locate your nearest JCI branch at www.johnsoncontrols.com/locations.
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