WPD aims to boost heat pump roll-out


20 July 2021

Western Power Distribution (WPD) has issued its latest heat pump strategy and says it will ensure that anyone looking to connect a heat pump to the network will be able to do so when and where they want to.

By 2028, the UK has ambitions to install 600,000 heat pumps a year, while last year just 35,000 were installed.

WPD, the electricity network distribution operator for the Midlands, South West and South Wales, details the research, development and activity it has carried out to pave the way for the large scale connection of heat pumps.

This includes an insight into its forecasting and network planning, its work to support heat pumps in new and existing homes, and the importance of smart solutions and flexibility in making heat pumps a reality.

The document also explains how a number of WPD’s innovative solutions to enable the adoption of heat pumps are now being incorporated into its ‘business as usual’ activities.

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WPD has also updated its guidance document for heat pump installations for 2021, taking into account issues such as building regulations for new homes and the latest government guidelines.

Peter White, WPD system development engineer, said: “To achieve a net zero carbon economy, we need to tackle the issue of heating emissions which account for almost half of all carbon emissions in the UK. To do this, we need to connect lots more heat pumps.

“Our strategy outlines how we will ensure that the electricity network is ready and available to help us all to make this huge, but vital, societal change.”

The strategy can be found here.