Women in the heat pump industry - Emma-Louise Bennett


13 March 2024

Image: (R-L) Toni Oakley-Tulk (Viessmann Academy trainer) and Emma-Louise attending the HIP Learner of the Year plumbing skills competition representing Viessmann as headline sponsor


In an exclusive interview with Emma-Louise Bennett, Active Transition Support Lead at Viessmann Climate Solutions UK, she shares with us an insight into her fascinating journey so far in the heat pump industry.


When engaging in conversation with Emma, her passion and enthusiasm for her role at Viessmann, the heat pump industry, and her family are very evident. She explained that her experiences in both personal and professional aspects of her life have played a significant role in moulding her into the individual she is today.


Personal life

A mother of two with a love for yoga and horse riding which is only topped by being outside with her husband and children wearing wellies.


Professional life

The early days

Emma explained that her first experience of work was at the tender age of 16 as a waitress which in her opinion was a baptism of fire where she learned how to multi-task and prioritise her workload in a pressurised environment. Her first full-time job after finishing university was as a Runner for the Disney Channel at their studios in West London.

After some time as a mum and the birth of her second child Charlie, she was determined to get back into a professional environment and had a small social media marketing business.

Emma said: “I ran the business from home whilst my children were young as my husband worked full time as a self-employed joiner and carpenter. “I then saw that Viessmann was recruiting for a part-time temporary position in their marketing department as a Lead Generation Executive.

“I decided to apply for the role and to my delight I was successful. I believe I secured the interview and then the role as I had previous experience from a two-year stint in Ibiza where one of my responsibilities was lead generation for a website that was booking VIP tables!”


Role at Viessmann

Emma commented that thanks to the entrepreneurial environment and being lucky enough to have incredible mentors at Viessmann she developed both as an employee and individual and now manages the Viessmann Access MCS umbrella scheme. This includes making Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) applications, managing umbrella scheme installations, and sending out MCS Handover Packs amongst many other MCS related activities!

Viessmann decided to offer the scheme to give their installers an opportunity to move into heat pumps without the commitment of becoming MCS accredited, which can be a barrier to sole traders due to the amount of admin required. MCS as an organisation has been incredibly supportive of the scheme and Viessmann works closely with them to ensure the service provided is compliant with the standards set out.

She said: “I officially sit within the Pre-Sales department which is the specifications hub of Viessmann UK. From air source heat pumps to mechanical ventilation heat recovery and commercial projects, we supply engineers with the design and accompanying schematics. “My other responsibilities include supporting our sales team with onboarding new heat pump installers and suppliers into the business - my favourite part of the job is connecting with new installers who are as passionate about renewables as I am! I arrange their training, assist with project specifications, lead generation etc.

“This means that I am proudly involved in every level of Viessmann’s heat pump customer journey and transition into renewable energy”.

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Tackling industry challenges: Strategies for success

We asked Emma what she sees as the challenges facing the industry and she explained that what we are up against, is a lack of factual knowledge and regular misinformation in the news cycle about heat pumps, the labour force obtaining the required skillsets, the cost of installation and finally the UK housing stock.

Emma said: “I believe that heat pumps are still an unknown territory, this is despite Viessmann having manufactured them for the last 40 years and that the technology has been around for a much longer.

“It's a learning journey for our installers, house builders and homeowners alike and I am passionate about upskilling. This passion is why I completed the Heat Geek system design course1 to further enhance my knowledge which I can then use and pass on to others. I would encourage anyone looking to venture into the heat pump industry to do the same. Even if you find yourself using an umbrella scheme to size your installations, you still need a basic understanding of pipe and radiator sizing. The Viessmann Academy2 also provides heat pump courses that include an introduction to the technology for installers moving on from gas boilers”.


Providing guidance

We concluded by asking Emma what advice she would offer other women who are considering coming into the heat pump industry.

Emma said: “Welcome to the UK’s most exciting industry during the most transformative period of its time. This means more opportunities and roles are available than ever before irrespective of an individual's gender. Emma concluded by saying: “These roles can also be well paid, varied, offer a fantastic career and gratifying. I have thrived at Viessmann and it is the most fulfilling job I have ever had”.



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