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14 December 2020
Grant's eLearning courses cover both products and services

Anna Wakefield, Head of Marketing for Grant UK, explains how virtual training can play a crucial part in supporting installers on the journey to Net Zero Carbon. 

The journey to Net Zero Carbon in the UK is underway. Government has announced its ambitions, manufacturers are gearing up to meet demand, and householders are more aware than ever of the need to move away from fossil fuels.

For many installers, however, moving away from traditional heating solutions to embrace green technologies like heat pumps will require training to update their knowledge and working practices. For a company like Grant UK, it’s important we support them on this journey. 

That is why we recently announced the launch of our eLearning Academy which, alongside the training delivered at Grant UK’s training centres, will further increase the level of renewable product training support the Company can provide to installers, heating engineers and other heating professionals. 

The past few months have transformed ‘normal’ business operations and it is important for Grant UK to adjust the ways in which we can deliver training content. Our centres, in Devizes, North Yorkshire and West Lothian, as well as satellite venues in Elgin, Inverness and the Channel Islands, will continue to be the pillars of our Training Academy with face-to-face courses remaining at the centre of our offering. However, the new eLearning Academy provides installers with a virtual alternative which will help make Grant training more accessible during the current post-lockdown era and beyond.

Grant UK believes its virtual training can support installers

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On-demand options
The eLearning courses focus on both our products and services including air source heat pumps, hybrid technologies, heat emitters and schemes like G-Cert. This is a scheme through which Grant UK can certify renewable installations for MCS accreditation on behalf of the installer. New content is regularly being added to the platform too. 

Installers, engineers and others in the heating sector can also choose a learning approach that best suits their needs. There are on-demand courses that can be paused so that candidates can fit training around their work demand, returning and resuming the course at the point they left. Meanwhile, instructor-led courses allow candidates the benefit of having the course presented live by one of Grant UK’s Trainers who are on hand to answer questions, delivering the high level of quality training that is expected from the Academy. 

Those wishing to enrol for eLearning courses will need to set up an account by visiting www.grantelearning.com, entering the enrolment key GUKPR0820 and confirming their company details. Delegates can then view the available courses and either enrol onto an on-demand course or an instructor-led course.

The launch of the eLearning Academy is part of our desire to take a lead on decarbonising home heating with either a focus on biofuels, renewable technologies, such as heat pumps or where appropriate, hybrid heating systems.
Earlier this year we published our 2030 Vision, which outlines a pathway that could help ensure that off-gas homes will no longer be solely reliant on fossil fuels for heating. We recognise that off-gas homes and businesses will face significant barriers in moving to a carbon neutral energy supply, including potentially crippling costs. With that in mind, we outlined changes that must be made, to help the industry decarbonise including:

  • The need for future legislation to consider how to make older houses more energy efficient
  • Introduction of a scrappage scheme for older inefficient appliances to encourage homes to switch to greener heating methods
  • Financial support consideration for installers to encourage them to train on renewable technologies, increasing uptake and ensuring installations are of a high standard
  • The future proofing of all new homes to ensure an adequate electrical and plumbing infrastructure is fitted today to allow for the move to renewable technologies in the future
  • Supporting installers with training and heat loss calculation services

Installers will be so important to deliver the change that is required to move away from a reliance on fossil-fuels, especially those in off-gas areas and our aim is to support our customers as much as possible to achieve this.