Welcome to the re-launch of the much-coveted Heat Pumps Today Journal.


08 April 2021

Welcome to the re-launch of the much-coveted Heat Pumps Today Journal. As many of you will remember, when the government made a 'pigs ear' out of the RHI scheme, the future of Heat Pumps, for many, was more of a desire than a need. 

Finally, due to the UK committing to reaching zero carbon emissions by 2050 the future of Heat Pumps is solid, growing and here to stay! The market is robust and seeing exponential growth. Heat Pumps Today Journal is here to share with you many aspects of the marketplace, whether through technical updates, comment from many of the 'movers & shakers', next steps in training, new and in some cases, tricky installations and updates on evolving legislation. 

On the whole, this issue demonstrates positivity, innovation and excitement. I'm looking forward to viewing many of the upcoming unusual and problem-solving installations. Even more so, on how the industry will come together to support the Government's plan to reach net zero in coming years. 

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Juliet Loiselle MinstR 

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