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12 August 2020
The aroTHERM plus heat pump from Vaillant The aroTHERM plus heat pump from Vaillant

Vaillant has expanded its portfolio of renewable technologies with a new heat pump system and advanced controls, which it says are designed to help support the UK’s decarbonisation journey.

The aroTHERM plus is Vaillant’s next generation heat pump, developed in-house and using the natural refrigerant R290. 

Vaillant says improved comfort levels can be achieved with R290 as it enables aroTHERM plus to run at a higher flow temperature of up to 75°C, providing 25% more useable hot water and removing the need for an electric immersion heater for the legionella cycle.

Significant energy savings are also possible thanks to the efficiencies of the aroTHERM plus; testing has seen up to a 43% saving when replacing oil or LPG heaters in retrofit projects. It is also one of the quietest heat pumps on the market with sound power as low as 54dBa.

Launching alongside the aroTHERM plus is Vaillant’s new indoor unit, uniTOWER. Containing an integrated hot water cylinder and hydraulic components, it is pre-wired for fast and easy installation. With no refrigerant certification required, the connection of both the aroTHERM plus and uniTOWER modules can be completed in a single day with minimal manpower.

John Bailey, Head of Commercial & Renewable Systems at Vaillant, says: “We are delighted to add the aroTHERM plus air source heat pump to our portfolio. It is an important time for the UK heating market, the pressure is on to find a range of renewable solutions that can effectively and efficiently heat our homes and help the nation decarbonise in the years ahead.

“The use of natural refrigerant is an example of how Vaillant is striving to lead the market with innovative solutions that not only offer outstanding performance characteristics, but also satisfy what is a rapidly changing regulatory landscape.’’

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Vaillant's sensoCOMFORT can control up to five heating zones

Advanced controls
Vaillant has also launched what it says is its most advanced range of controls for use low-carbon heating systems such as heat pumps, as well as gas boilers. 

Whilst sensoHOME offers a simple control for gas boilers, sensoCOMFORT works with multiple heating zones and hot water powered by gas-fuelled, hybrid or renewable systems. The wired version of sensoCOMFORT can control up to five heating zones and the wireless unit governs up to three. 

Steve Keeton, Technologies and Training Director at Vaillant, said: “As the Government is looking to phase out the use of fossil fuels in domestic heating as part of their Future Homes Standard, we want to help developers build housing with low-carbon solutions. After the recent launch of our new aroTHERM plus heat pump, the next step is to provide intelligent thermostats that are compatible with both gas-fuelled and renewable heat sources. This gives housebuilders the flexibility to use a mix of technologies to meet commercial and regulatory needs. At the same time, homebuyers can operate their low-carbon heating systems to suit their lifestyles without compromising on energy and carbon savings.”

The aroTHERM plus heat pump from Vaillant
sensoCOMFORT can control up to five heating zones