Up to 405 joints sealed from a single reel


21 March 2017
By comparison with traditional tapes or hemp and paste combinations, Henkel’s LOCTITE® 55, takes half the time to create a secure seal on threaded pipes. And now, with the introduction of the new 160m dispenser, the method is even more cost effective. A single reel will seal up to 405 joints with a half-inch thread size.  

Application is quick and easy and the product is suitable for locking and sealing both metal and plastic pipes and fittings.  Simply wind the sealing cord onto the first pitches clockwise and cross over the threads; the pack advises the correct number of turns for the application. Cut the cord using the dispenser’s cutting device and press the loose end onto the thread.  Finally screw the fittings with a pipe wrench.

LOCTITE® 55 needs no cure time and results in an immediate, full pressure seal. It also allows reliable re-adjustments and can be backed off by up to 45 degrees without leakage. This is a single component product suitable for all pipework – both water and gas – and carries WRAS, BAM, DVGW and NSF approvals.

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