Uflexing heat pump muscles


20 August 2019
The Uflex wet underfloor heating range is designed to partner with heat pumps. Here Grant UK managing director Paul Wakefield guides us through an installation.

Grant UK’s wet underfloor heating range comprises of two systems – Uflex and Uflex MINI. Designed to partner effectively with renewable technologies, this underfloor heating solution complements and works alongside existing product ranges. Both systems are highly effective, easy to install and use the same manifolds. In this step by step we are looking at the Uflex MINI system.
Evenly distributing heat upwards into a room, the underfloor system maintains optimum room temperatures while also helping the heat source to work as efficiently as possible. 

The Uflex MINI underfloor heating system has a number of features which make it an attractive option for both householders and installers. It has a very low profile, only raising the finished floor level by 15mm, which allows the underfloor heating installation to be completed without requiring significant changes to a room’s structure. Underfloor heating is also unobtrusive, freeing up wall space and not impacting the position of furniture. 

Utilising self-adhesive plastic panels, the Uflex MINI system can be installed by a single operative as the pipework loops simply clip into place, eliminating the need for staples. A real advantage is that this system does not require overboarding, unlike other retrofit systems, so the final floor finish can be laid directly on top of the dry screed. 

Uflex MINI is therefore incredibly quick to install enabling the introduction of heat into the system within days, rather than weeks as is commonly the case with screeded systems. 

The Uflex and Uflex MINI underfloor heating systems work incredibly well alongside the new Aerona³ R32 air source heat pump range. Consisting of four models in outputs ranging from 6kW up to 17kW, Grant’s latest heat pumps incorporate the more environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant and, with their excellent SCOPs, are highly efficient. The 13kW and 17kW models also have the Quiet Mark which recognises and acknowledges their quiet operation, an important consideration for householders. 

In addition, Grant UK can also provide design assistance which is really advantageous from an installer’s perspective. Available via the Professionals section on their website, Grant UK has an online design submissions form that customers can use to send in their plans and enquiries. The Renewables Team is then on hand to assist with producing outline system designs through to full drawings. Consequently, installers can turn to Grant UK for all their heating needs from design through to the product supply of heat pumps, cylinders and heat emitters through to MCS certification via the company’s G-CERT scheme.

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