Toshiba highlights heat pump benefits


10 October 2019
air source air to water renewables heat pumps
Delegates at the event in Cornwall
Toshiba joined forces with Cornwall New Energy at a recent industry event to highlight the benefits of using air source heat pumps for low carbon, renewable heating for businesses and homes.
Cornwall New Energy, funded by the European Regional Development Fund, organised the event for business leaders, engineers and managers at The Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre at Treliske, near Truro. Delegates included representatives from universities, architect practices, a local brewery, property management companies, consultants and building companies.
air source air to water renewables heat pumps
Toshiba's Wayne Dolley presents at the event
Led by Wayne Dolley, Toshiba’s South West regional sales manager, the company’s heat pump specialists gave an overview of the thermodynamic principles underlying the technology and their benefits in terms of efficiency, reduced carbon emissions and lower running costs. Adam Hardacre, regional sales manager for CIAT, Toshiba’s sister company, presented the company’s range of air source heat pumps for larger commercial applications.

“We are delighted at the level of attendance and interest generated by the joint event with Toshiba, one of the leaders in modern heat pump technology,” said Alex Nicholas, marketing manager at PRP Architects, who is leading the Cornwall New Energy project. “It was very successful and prompted an interesting discussion and lively question and answer session.

“Our key objectives are to support the introduction of new energy products and services to market, in order to provide greater energy security for businesses and homes in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, and to reduce operating costs to boost business performance. Heat pumps are a highly efficient and proven renewable energy source, and have an important contribution to make as a low carbon heating technology.”

“Heat pumps have been around for many years,” said Dolley. “However, today’s systems are light years ahead of early designs in terms of performance and efficiency. It was good to work with Cornwall New Energy to explain the benefits of the technology to such an interested group of industry practitioners. It sparked a number of conversations, and we are following up on several potential heat-pump-based projects in the region.”

For more details on air-to-water heat pumps, visit the Toshiba website.
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