Thermify works helps low-Income households with net zero transition


20 June 2023

Low-income households in Essex to receive low-emissions hand up from Thermify’s HeatHub and other clean technologies.


Thermify, the company that has designed a revolutionary and affordable low-carbon heating system that can replace gas boilers in people’s homes and help reduce fuel poverty, will be helping low-income households in Essex with their transition to net zero.

In a partnership led by UK Power Networks, Thermify will be working alongside Essex County Council, Power Circle, Citizen’s Advice Essex, Eastlight Community Homes, UK Community Works and Kensa Contracting to deliver a low-carbon revolution for residents living in social housing accommodation.  UK Power Networks’ Smart Heat and Intelligent Energy in Low-Income Districts (SHIELD) project aims to change the current approach to decarbonising heat and energy in consumers’ homes to make it more inclusive, ensuring no one gets left behind in the journey to Net Zero.


The SHIELD project is looking at new approaches for installing energy efficient technologies, like Thermify’s revolutionary HeatHub system as well as solar panels, wind generation storage and electric vehicles.

Thermify’s HeatHub system is a “distributed data centre” and a heating system in a single unit, installed in a householder’s home.  It uses the wasted heat from a bank of computers in the HeatHub, that is deployed in the householder’s home, to provide hot water and heat for the very same home. The electricity that is used to power the computers is used twice and is paid for by Thermify. At the same time, it will generate new revenue from cloud computing.  By using energy twice, HeatHub offers customers an affordable heating system and, if deployed widely, will help reduce the levels of fuel poverty that exist in the UK.

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Currently, decarbonising heat and energy in homes is expensive and not inclusive. The SHIELD project will design, develop, and test new cross-industry and community business models and mechanisms, so vulnerable customers can afford to decarbonise their heating and their energy.  

SHIELD is also supported by Innovate UK and has received funding from Ofgem, via its Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF). The fund supports finding new ways to help the disadvantaged, fuel poor or off the gas grid residents reduce their carbon emissions.

Thermify CEO, Travis Theune said: “Thermify is excited to be taking part in the SHIELD project. Providing low-cost heating to vulnerable people and helping to reduce fuel poverty is central to our goals and we look forward to finding innovative ways to combine technologies with project partners.”

The project supports Essex County Council’s net zero targets which includes the transition to sustainable energy.  Speaking on the latest development of the SHIELD project, Essex County Council Climate Czar, Cllr Peter Schwier said: “The SHIELD project is a brilliant example of how Essex County Council is constantly searching for and developing innovative ways to solve both climate and economic related problems.  It is important that methods to reduce carbon emissions are made available to all to enable a smooth and just energy transition.”


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