Therma V chosen for high spec homes


05 August 2021
The new homes have been built with extremely high levels of insulation

LG’s monobloc air-to-water Therma V heat pump has been selected to provide heating and hot water comfort for three new homes being built near Castle Cary, Somerset.

The three properties, built by RS Construction, benefit from exceptional levels of insulation which make heat pumps the perfect solution for energy efficient, low-cost heating and hot water.

Roger Walters, who heads up RS Construction, said: “We only build three or four new homes a year but we build them to extremely high specification so that our purchasers get real value for money. We’re shocked at the poor levels of specification in many major housebuilders' new homes and, although we are a small developer, we like to think we can show the bigger builders a thing or two about quality.

"The LG Therma V monoblocs are perfect for the quality of home we build and set something of a template for other housebuilders as we head towards 2025 and the Government’s ban on the use of fossil fuel heating systems.”

The heat pumps were supplied by nationwide LG distributor Bublshop, who provided post-sales support with their commission assist service. Director Richard Barras says it is niche builders like Roger Walters that are leading the way when it comes to utilising heat pumps in new build properties. He added: “Roger is happy to commit to the use of renewable heating systems ahead of the bigger housebuilders who are still specifying combi boilers in new-build homes.

"Because of the high levels of insulation in these homes we can install a 7kW monobloc in a four-bedroom home that twenty years ago would probably have needed a 16kW heat pump to cope with the heating demands of an inferior build property. That shows the kind of savings in installation and running costs that can be achieved today by providing a quality home that is designed to support a renewable heating system and contribute to lower energy costs, lower emissions and a greener environment.”

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LG's monobloc air-to-water Therma V heat pump

The new owner of the first of the three new homes on the development to be occupied is Geoff Cookson, a health & safety expert. He has never experienced a renewable heating system before buying this new home but says that so far he’s been hugely impressed by the Therma V heat pump set-up.

He said “It is all very new to us but we’re in and living here day to day. We have underfloor heating downstairs and radiators upstairs to share the heat around the home but of course we haven’t had a winter here yet to test drive the system properly. We’ve done some research and listened to advice from the installers and we’re aware that a renewable system operates very differently to a traditional boiler driven one and we’re very optimistic about how this is going to work out.”

A second homebuyer has just moved into one of the other new homes on the site and the third home will be finished and ready for its new owners to move in before the end of the year.

Bublshop’s Richard Barras added: “We believe this is the forerunner of new build developments for the future, with air-to-water heat pumps like these from LG beginning to forge a new future for heating and hot water in the UK as we see a real effort to reduce the emissions from domestic heating and the energy use required to heat our homes up and down the country.

"We believe this type of development is perfectly placed to show the way with so much off grid heating requirement in the UK and the Therma V air to water heat pumps from LG offering the sensible and economical option to oil, LPG and solid fuel alternatives.”