The importance of water treatment


25 May 2021

Two leading industry bodies have launched a guide to the importance of water treatment in relation to commercial heating systems.

The Industrial and Commercial Heating Equipment Association (ICOM), and the Manufacturers of Equipment for Heat Networks Association (MEHNA) have launched a Quick Guide to Water Treatment, to help designers, owners, insurers, managers, operators and maintenance personnel understand what effect water and its subsequent treatment will have on heating systems.

Steve McConnell, director of ICOM and MEHNA said: “The consequences of inappropriate or non-existent water treatment can prove costly to rectify. The treatment of water in closed and open heating systems is essential for the avoidance of fouling, biofouling, corrosion and scale. These problems can result in energy wastage, poor system performance and the need for early replacement of heating system components.

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“Any installation must be thoroughly flushed and cleaned before it can be filled and used. This quick guide deals with all aspects of water treatment for Industrial and commercial heating systems and heat networks. 

“It complements the full water treatment guide launched in 2017, and acts as a quick reference check to ensure that all parties from designers and owners to managers and maintenance personnel understand the water treatment required for their plant and heating systems and to give guidance on how to achieve it.

“By studying the contents and following the freely given advice, heating systems and heat networks will operate more efficiently.”

The quick guide can be downloaded here, and the full guide here.