The GSHPA joins the illustrious list of Sponsors for the National ACR & Heat Pump Awards


15 April 2021

The organisers of the National ACR & Heat Pump Awards welcome the GSHPA (Ground Source Heat Pump Association) as a brand new sponsor for the forthcoming awards dinner being held in Manchester on the 20th October, 2021. 

The Association provides information on GSHPs via its website, webinars and telephone helplines. It makes presentations to promote the ground source industry to key audiences as well as co-ordinates closely with government and other trade associations to work for high quality installations and the success of the ground source industry. 

Juliet Loiselle, Publisher/Editor of Heat Pumps Today Journal and Organiser of National ACR & Heat Pump Awards says "We are thrilled that GSHPA are joining us in support of this event. Their authoritativeness and knowledge within the Ground Source sector is welcomed and we look forward to working with them throughout the year" 

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