Statement on the election of a new Government


08 July 2024

Commenting on the election of the New Government, Charlotte Lee, Chief Executive of the Heat Pump Association said: “On behalf of the Heat Pump Association and its members, I extend my congratulations to the newly elected government. We stand ready to engage, support and collaborate closely to achieve our shared goals of reducing carbon emissions and advancing the widescale deployment of heat pumps in the UK.

“The transition to low-carbon heating is critical in addressing climate change, and heat pumps are a cornerstone of this transition. We urge the new government to pursue robust, clear regulatory changes and policy developments that remove unnecessary barriers to the widescale deployment of heat pumps, such as the implementation of the Future Homes Standard, Changes to Permitted Development Rights and provide clarity on the future of the Clean Heat Market mechanism.

“Additionally, it will be vital to reduce the upfront and running costs of heat pumps to make the lowest carbon heat the lowest cost heat. Steps should be taken to consult on how best to rebalance electricity and gas prices with the aim of making electricity cheaper.

“Furthermore, it is essential to ensure we have a skilled and competent workforce to support this transition. We call on the government to invest in training and development programmes that will prepare our workforce for the future of low-carbon heating. These include the continuation of the Heat Training Grant, publishing the updated Mandatory Technical Competency documents and mandating low-temperature heating training for all heating engineers.

“Engaging consumers in this transition is equally important, and we seek to work with the government to raise awareness and support for heat pump technology.

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Lastly, we must support the heat pump supply chain by maintaining and updating technical standards. This will ensure that our industry can continue to innovate and provide reliable, high-quality solutions.

“The Heat Pump Association looks forward to working with the new government to achieve these goals and drive the UK towards a more sustainable future.”

Read the HPA’s Key asks in full: