So, you are an installer looking to get into heat pumps?


05 March 2020

ADVERTORIAL: Freedom Heat Pumps on why it believes it is ideally placed to select and supply the best system for your project.

Where do you start? 
You could Google heat pump suppliers, pick a heat pump off the shelf and have it delivered. That could work…
Would it give you the result you wanted though? 
At Freedom Heat Pumps, we don’t do ‘off the shelf’. We know that every domestic install is different. We also know that one size doesn’t fit all. 

We are a heat pump delicatessen, with heat pump aficionados behind everything we do. 

We understand every product we supply and can advise you, accordingly, providing a solution that fits your needs whilst also being the most cost effective possible.

How do we do it? 
For ten years, we have established our reputation as one of the UK’s most knowledgeable and leading suppliers of heat pumps. It’s all we do. 

We don’t just supply a heat pump. We design the system to fit your property. We take your plans and size the air source or ground source equipment using our in-house calculation software. We calculate the running costs, carbon savings and payback period. With climate change being an increasing issue to everyone, we know how to create the most efficient system to lower the carbon footprint and running costs. We then select the best system from our range of heat pumps. 

Being an independent retailer, we aren’t tied to any manufacturer, so we have the freedom to select the best system for your project. Our service doesn’t end with the delivery of your heat pump though. We work directly with you by providing technical data, diagrams and training you need to make sure the install is successful. We continue to provide this high level of support right through to the end of the heat pump’s useful life. 

One thing with Freedom Heat Pumps has always remained consistent.... our unwavering passion for making sure our customers get the right kit, on time, and are then supported right from the word go. A great man once said “…it’s our team's livelihoods and our homes that are at risk when we get it wrong. Which is why we don't.”

We are constantly innovating and investing in our offering, to make sure our customers stay ahead of the game. 
We aren’t led by the manufacturers. Manufacturers are multi million pound, internationally renowned companies who produce good heat pumps. We take these heat pumps and make them great by adding the level of support and service which Freedom HP is famous for. We like to think that we know what the UK market wants, and that is what we provide. Simple is key in this still emerging market and that is something we excel at.

We also confidently say we aren’t the cheapest and we’ve never aimed to be. We leave the low prices and zero support to the box shifters. What we offer is 100% honest value. 

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To give you a real-world example; imagine that we are 10% more expensive than our competition... In many eyes, that is a lot of spare change. When a heat pump is nearly £4K at trade price, that’s £400. 

We know if we were installers, we’d rather have that £400 in our pockets than in our supplier’s bank account. 
But hear us out... that £400 saving quickly disappears when you buy cheap. 

•    Poor after sales support - this is a big one. Let’s be kind and say £500. You have installed the heat pump but a month later there is an issue, which means you need to go back to site. If you can’t rectify that fault on day 1, because of poor after sales, those residual costs are now starting to rack up. 

•    Poor manufacturer’s instructions – Let’s say £400 because the install is going to take at least a day and a half longer than it should have done because the instructions you have received are too complex.

•    Delivery not on time - say £200 for your team waiting round for a heat pump which doesn’t appear 

None of the above allows for an annoyed customer who is rightfully upset about a persistent problem or a delayed installation. 

So, you saved £400 on day one… but, because you’ve bought cheap, you’re now looking at increased additional costs coming close to £1000. All of this can leave you with a headache and a customer who isn’t going to be happy to pass your business card on. 

You owe it to yourself to make sure you get the best support in this still relatively young market.

So, with all of this in mind, why heat pumps?
Heat pumps use electricity in part to provide heat to a property. Electricity (at the moment) is very reliant on fossil fuels (at least in the UK), but, when used to power a heat pump, it is the best thing we currently have to heat our homes, which is both relatively inexpensive, wholly practical, and which, at worst, reduces carbon emissions for home heating by 25% and at best by 400% (we’re looking at you direct electric heaters). So, until someone comes up with a better value proposition both for our pockets and the environment, heat pumps are here to stay. 

Freedom Heat Pumps: 
The Heat Pump Delicatessen 

To find out more about how Freedom Heat Pumps can provide you with a reliable, efficient, supply and design service, contact [email protected] and find out why we’ve been nominated as wholesaler/distributor of the year for the past three years at the annual heat pump awards.