Services division to provide expert support for heat pump systems


19 June 2023

The Fluid Management Services (FMS) team provides an extensive range of on-site services for customers installing, commissioning, operating, or optimising ground source heat pump systems.

Since 1998 Hydratech have specialised in the formulation and manufacture of high-performance heat transfer fluids, based on glycols, brines, alcohols and refined vegetable extracts. From worldfirst agritech projects to district heating schemes and major manufacturing plants, Hydratech's Thermox range of fully inhibited heat transfer fluids with antifreeze function have been commissioned in thousands of ground source, air source and geothermal heat recovery systems.

Following consistent demand for technical advice and engineering support, Hydratech recognised the need to take things a step further and provide ‘hands on’ heat pump system filling, flushing, remediation and compliance management.

Hydratech’s FMS division provides expert support to remediate issues associated with ground source heat pump systems, including:

  • Biological fouling
  • Flow rate faults
  • Pressure losses/Leaking
  • Drops in efficiency and COP
  • Low glycol levels
  • Insufficient inhibitor protection/ water quality


FMS specialist services include:

  • Flushing & pre-commission cleaning of new systems
  • Filling, venting and pressure testing
  • Fluid testing & analysis
  • Reconditioning & remediation of contaminated systems
  • Design, manufacture and installation of side-stream filtration
  • Inhibitor treatment of water-based heat transfer fluids

‘By combining expertise in water treatment chemistry, fluid thermodynamics and mechanical engineering, Hydratech FMS division delivers a fully integrated, holistic approach to heat pump systems management. This in-turn maximises the potential for optimised performance, reduced operational costs and significant return on investment gains.’ Luke Hickson, Hydratech FMS Director.

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Thermox DTX Heat Pump Antifreeze

Launched in 2010, Thermox DTX non-toxic antifreeze represents a major step forward in heat transfer and pumping efficiency, providing >10% improvement in CoP, ROI and heat recovery when compared with propylene glycol-based fluids, due to lower viscosity, higher thermal conductivity and reduced volume required to achieve the same freeze-protection.

Specified by the UK’s largest heat pump contractors, installers and designers, Thermox DTX has been commissioned in thousands of commercial and domestic heat pump systems by industry leaders such as Kensa, Nu-Heat and Ideal.

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