Quiet Mark for LG heat pump


01 March 2023

LG Electronics has achieved Quiet Mark accreditation for its Therma V Monobloc S air-to-water heat pump.

The manufacturer has previously been awarded the Quiet Mark for more than 100 of its home appliances  but this is the first Air Solutions product to receive the accolade.

Quiet Mark is the independent global certification programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation. Through scientific testing and assessment Quiet Mark identifies the quietest products in multiple categories spanning many sectors, including home appliances and technology, building sector materials and commercial sector products.

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The R32 Therma V Monobloc S range offers lower noise levels per unit by up to 3dB(A) compared to the previous model. It includes an integral Compressor Noise Shield, BLDC inverter motor technology and an improved fan and orifice..

The unit comes with a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance of up to 4.67 (average climate/low temperature application) and a A+++ rating. The COP rises to 4.9 (outdoor air 7°C/leaving water temperature 35°C) and can deliver leaving water temperature of 65°C if required.

The models to have achieved Quiet Mark accreditation are the 5, 7, 9 & 12kW units in single phase and the new 9 & 12kW three phase models.