Norfolk Heat Pump Installer Hires More Staff Due to Demand


10 August 2015
New team members at Finn Geotherm - heat pumps today
New team members at Finn Geotherm
The demise of government green energy funding initiative, the Green Deal, has not stopped one Norfolk heat pump installer's business from expanding.
Attleborough-based Finn Geotherm recently added another four employees to its business which now has 20 employees. Finn Geotherm hired two new engineers and two sales managers to cope with the demand for its heat pump design and installation services. Richard Lee and Paul Heath are the new engineers. Lee Coomer  and Malcolm Kenyon are the new Domestic Sales Manager and Commercial Sales Manager, respectively.

David Alston, Technical Director at Finn Geotherm, said:
“Our new employees know that a great deal will be expected of them. But we are confident that with the support of their fellow team members, they will be well up to the task.”
The company installs air source and ground source heat pump solutions for a variety of clients, including domestic properties to stately homes to commercial properties. Since starting, the company has installed nearly 500 heat pump solutions and its sales have grown by 41% each year on average for the last six years. Finn Geotherm now turns over about £2 million a year. 

The increase in business means the heat pump installer will need to expand its office space to accommodate the new staff and any future hires. It also creating a showroom for customers. 

Commercial Director, Guy Ransom said:
“We started the business with just three team members in 2006 and we’re proud to continue to create interesting career opportunities within our rural community. 

"In an expanding industry, where many new businesses are being established, it’s important for our customers to be able to trust their heating system to a company with demonstrable skills and experience. 

"Finn Geotherm has built a superb team of experts and as a result has completed a great range of projects which show what can be achieved.”
The company had humble beginnings, working on 10kW installations. Now, Finn Geotherm installs heat pump solutions in excess of 800kW to provide heating and hot water for commercial, industrial and domestic clients. 

Part of their success comes down to specialising in heat pumps. The company is Lampoassa's (the Finnish firm) only UK approved installed. It is one of only a handful of Dimplex's 'expert installers' too. 

Guy Ransom  explained it in more detail:
“The key to our success has been our decision to specialise purely in heat pump technology. Most other renewable energy companies choose to diversify across all forms, but have suffered through the overpopulation of the PV sector. 

"But we decided to maintain a stable operating base by focusing our resources and expertise on the area we felt would make the greatest impact on the environment and on our customer’s energy costs. 

"It has also enabled us to develop an expertise which sets us apart from our competitors. This has seen us successfully complete challenging projects where others doubted heat pump technology would be effective.”
Finn Geotherm's success belies other renewable energy firms which have relied to heavily on government subsidised initiatives to survive. The company prefers to rely on its expertise with heat pumps and its connection with its customers who are looking for sustainable ways to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprints.
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