NIBE launches new S Series


05 May 2020
The new S Series from NIBE Energy Systems The new S Series from NIBE Energy Systems

NIBE Energy Systems says it is taking heat pumps a step further in the UK's efforts to drive down emissions and build a better future for everyone with the launch of its new S Series.
The S Series is said to make life easier for both consumers and installers, reducing costs whilst creating a perfect indoor climate. 

Featuring an elegant new look complete with a push-to-open aluminium door and an updated interface to swipe through, customers can enjoy the benefit of sophisticated touchscreen control. Thanks to new comprehensive software, the S Series can now be updated quickly and more frequently with ever-expanding features. Smart guide prompts make adjusting the indoor temperature effortless, and weather forecast compensation with GPS location services enables the heat pumps to automatically adapt to upcoming climate conditions. Complimented by integrated wireless connectivity and voice assistant support, consumers can connect and interact with their heat pump system anytime, anywhere.

With integrated flow meters, the new S1155 and S1255 range can now log delivered energy, allowing consumers to easily view heat generation and understand performance within their indoor climate system. New installer features enable remote diagnostics and fault-finding of systems, reducing the need for unnecessary site visits. For simple and quicker diagnostics, new circulation pumps with Linbus connectivity communicate with the heat pump to detect faults within the system and create useful alarms.
The launch of the S Series comes at the same time as the newly developed myUplink and myUplinkPRO apps are released. The apps include a customizable tile system design which allows homes owners to monitor and control a whole climate system from a smart device. Through myUplinkPRO , heat pumps can now be commissioned with a direct wireless connection on a smart device, allowing for settings and updates to be made remotely by the installer. As an important element of NIBE’s future products, myUplink will be continuously updated with new functions and smart accessories to increase comfort and reduce energy consumption, such as wireless thermostatic radiator valves, sensors and remote user interfaces.

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NIBE now provide photovoltaic and photovoltaic heat pumps panels for the NIBE S Series system with full MCS certification. PV systems are available in a variety of kW output sizes with compatible single phase inverters. NIBE PVT heat pump panels are a new, innovative product that combines photo voltaic panels with a thermal collector system suited for use with a NIBE S Series ground source heat pump.
Phil Hurley, Managing Director at NIBE Energy Systems, said: “I’m particularly proud of the new S Series, and the difference the products will make to homes and families. These heat pumps don’t just cool, heat, ventilate and supply homes with hot water – they revolutionise how it feels and performs. As we spend a substantial amount of time in our homes during this uncertain period, the importance of a comfortable and energy efficient home won’t go unnoticed. The new product line builds on what NIBE has always stood for by delivering maximum comfort with minimal energy consumption - making it easy to be smart.”