NIBE chief calls for oil boiler scrappage scheme


26 May 2017
Phil Hurley, Managing Director of NIBE Energy Systems, has called for the introduction of an oil boiler scrappage scheme to help improve air quality in the UK.

In his blog, Phil says: "There are 1.1 million oil boilers in the UK, together they emit 4,540 tonnes of NOx per year. This is equivalent to the emissions from over 2.3 million Euro 5 (2009 standard) diesel cars, driving a typical annual mileage. This suggests that running an oil boiler is equivalent to running two additional diesel cars per household!''

He adds: "If the Government is committed to addressing air pollution, it must also consider the full impact of fossil-fuel based heating. Introducing a boiler scrappage scheme to install ultra-efficient renewable technology like heat pumps alongside the diesel car scrappage scheme, will encourage homeowners to change their inefficient, polluting boilers now rather than allowing them to continue to pollute the environment, damage health and contribute towards climate change over the coming years.''

You can read the full article here.

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