New ESTÍA series from Toshiba


29 November 2017
Toshiba has introduced the fifth generation of its ESTÍA air to water heat pump.

The ESTÍA 5 series claims best-in-class COP ratings and covers Split solutions from 4 to 16kW and Monobloc from 16 to 21Kw.
Toshiba says its twin-rotary compressor and Intelligent Power Drive Unit (IPDU) inverter technology maintains heating and cooling capacity with high energy, especially at part load use.

The ESTÍA Split offers energy efficiency with A++ ratings in space and combination heating and maximum COP of 4.90 at an air temperature of +7°C and 3.01 at -7°.  It can provide heating at outside temperatures down to -25°C, and domestic hot water from +40°C to +75°C. Part load efficiency (ηs) is up to 163 per cent, whilst master/slave control of up to 8 units is possible.

For larger installations and those requiring higher water temperatures, the ESTÍA Monobloc solution is rated A+ in space heating and also returns a best-in-class COP of 4.10 at an air temperature of +7°C and 2.51 at -7°C. The system provides direct hot water production up to 60°C down to -10°C outdoor temperature, and heating at outdoor temperatures down to -20°C. Part load efficiency (ɳs) is up to 144 per cent.

With up to four units controlled in a master/slave group, the ESTÍA Monobloc offers potential as part of building management systems (BMS) through compatibility with most standard communications protocols. Jbus and Modbus are native protocols while BACnet & LON gateways are available as factory options.
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