New webinar unlocking the potential of industrial CO2 heat pumps


03 July 2024

Heat pump technology is changing the way we heat buildings, processes, and district heating.


Advansor, provider of climate solutions based on the natural refrigerant CO2 has announced its upcoming webinar, "Unlocking the Potential of Industrial Heat Pumps with the Natural Refrigerant CO2."


In September industry experts will explore the benefits of industrial heat pumps based on CO2, a natural refrigerant that offers a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional refrigerants.

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The webinar will feature two options: a configurable solution for system designers, and a plug-and-play option for ease of installation.


Attendees will learn about the technical advantages, cost savings, and scalability of industrial CO2 heat pumps, as well as real-world case studies and success stories from existing installations.


Registration is now open for the webinar in several languages: