New product courses available at Grant UK’s Training Academy


12 March 2024

Grant UK’s Training Academy has added two new face-to-face courses to its offering with the addition of a Hybrid Solutions course and a course dedicated to the new Aerona Smart Controller and EvoLink Hybrid System Hub, both of which are aimed at heat pump installers.


The Hybrid Solutions Course is one day in duration and is intended for domestic heating and renewables installers who have previously completed one of Grant’s Aerona³ air source heat pump courses, either in-person or online. The course provides a combination of hands-on, practical training with theory learning and covers the Grant VortexAir Hybrid, the new EvoLink Hybrid System Hub as well as Grant’s low loss header systems.


During this Hybrid Solutions course, candidates will learn about the specification, construction, performance, operation, electrical wiring, installation and commissioning of the VortexAir and EvoLink Hybrid System Hub as well as learning about the operation, hydraulic circuits and electrical diagrams relating to Grant low loss header systems.


The second course now available at the Grant UK Training Academy is the one-day Smart Controller and EvoLink product training course. This course is also intended for heating and renewables installers who have completed one of the in-person or online Grant Aerona³ air source heat pump courses. The course is split into two, with the first half dealing with theory and hands-on training on the Aerona Smart Controller and the other half covering the EvoLink Hybrid System Hub.


Candidates will learn about the Smart Controller’s touchscreen display, system components, electrical connections, system configuration, operation and settings as well as system hydraulic circuits, electrical diagrams and the controller kits in which the Aerona Smart Controller is supplied. Candidates will also learn about the EvoLink’s product specification, construction and operation, its installation, electrical connections, settings and commissioning.

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“We are pleased to add these new face-to-face courses to the suite of product training courses that we deliver in Swindon, Hawes, Livingston and Norfolk,” comments Phil Stanley, Training Manager at Grant UK.

“For installers interested in learning about the different hybrid heating options supplied by Grant UK, the Hybrid Heating Course provides in-depth training on all of Grant’s hybrid range. Meanwhile, for installers who wish to specifically learn about the Aerona Smart Controller and EvoLink Hybrid System Hub, the new products course will be more tailored to their requirements.”


Both of these courses have been developed to suit installers who are already trained on Grant heat pumps as the Aerona Smart Controller, EvoLink Hybrid System Hub, VortexAir Hybrid and Grant’s low loss header systems are all designed for installation with the Aerona³ range.


Therefore, it is important that installers and engineers have a solid understanding of Grant air source heat pumps prior to attending one of these courses. We hope that the addition of the Hybrid Solutions Course and Smart Controller and EvoLink Course will be popular, giving installers the choice to select the course most relevant to them.


For further information about either of these courses, please contact [email protected] or visit