New hybrid role in development to support innovative housing retrofit service


19 July 2023

The first cohort of Net Zero Retrofit Assessors is due to be trained this summer, in an initiative to support the faster and easier retrofit of tens of thousands of UK homes.


Elmhurst Energy, the UK’s accreditation scheme for energy assessors and retrofit professionals, has developed the specification, training and qualification route for a new hybrid role – the Net Zero Retrofit Assessor – as part of its partnership with retrofit specialists Digital Building Services (DBS).


DBS provides TrustMark licensed retrofit advisory services to lenders and homeowners, linked to ‘green loans’ from leading mortgage lenders. It provides a time-limited free service using digital twin technology to model a home and explore different preferences for low carbon improvements. Its Retrogreen service then sends in a Net Zero Retrofit Assessor to conduct an onsite survey and consultation, to specify the necessary measures, to get and review quotes from installers, and to provide the necessary reassurances to the customer and mortgage lender.


Andrew Parkin, director at Elmhurst Energy, says: “The large-scale retrofit of UK homes has been held up by a shortage of trained professionals to cope with consumer demand, and the lack of a fully integrated, truly turn-key service which gives end-to-end support for homeowners and landlords. But we’re really starting to figure this out now. Elmhurst is tackling the former problem, DBS the latter.

 “Net Zero Retrofit Assessors will be able to gather more information upfront than usually happens, to specify additional measures and get really accurate quotes from installers. It’s reduced risk for the customer and the lender, and creates a much easier, faster, frictionless retrofit service overall.”


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Colin Calder, DBS chief executive, says: “Our objective is to provide consumers with independent advice and access to information they need to make informed decisions about energy efficiency improvements to their home; and lenders with a trusted framework for providing green retrofit loans that will result in verified carbon emission reductions.

 “Through our work with Elmhurst, we will maintain the highest standards of retrofit assessment. And as a licensed TrustMark scheme provider our end-to-end service includes insurance-backed guarantees, a dispute resolution pathway and independent monitoring and verification of energy efficiency and carbon improvements.”


Elmhurst is the exclusive training partner with DBS. The first Net Zero Retrofit Assessors will complete their training next month and are likely to work on DBS pilot schemes in Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands over the coming months.