New Ground Source Heat Pumps Reduce Heating Costs Even More


28 September 2015
Finn Geotherm team - Heat Pumps Today
Norfolk firm, Finn Geotherm, has added a new range of ground source heat pumps to its portfolio which can reduce heating bills by up to 50%, the company claims.

The ground source heat pumps, made by Finnish company Lämpöässä, generate between 3 and 4 kW of heat for each kW of electricity that they use. This means the heat they produce costs nearly a third less than with fossil fuels.  More typically, the Finnish-made heat pumps have a CoP (Coefficient of Performance) of 4. The new Esi and Emi models have a CoP of 4.56.
“These latest systems will continue to provide all of our customers’ heating and hot water, irrespective of weather conditions, but now deliver even greater savings and flexibility on installation with easier control of operation,” said  Finn Geotherm's commercial director, Guy Ransom.
Lampoassa-Esi - Heat Pumps Today
Lampoassa Esi
“We have installed nearly 500 heat pump systems at everything from bungalows to large businesses such as the Longlands Business Park on the Holkham Estate in Norfolk.

​"We’ve also been able to provide ground source systems to provide all of the heating and hot water for large stately homes, dispelling the myth that the technology is only applicable for new, well insulated houses.”
He continued:
The monovalent heat pumps produce heat and hot water for domestic and commercial buildings. They are compact, which makes it easier to fit them into tight spaces. Importantly, they are eligible for the RHI. 

As with many of the leading heat pumps available today, the Finnish heat pumps can be controlled through the internet using smartphones, computers or tablet PCs.

Find out more information on the Finn Geotherm website:
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