Baxi collaboration makes it easier for installers to embrace heat pumps


26 June 2024

Baxi has teamed up with Abode Heat, a national MCS Umbrella provider, to help support installer participation in the growing retrofit air source heat pump (ASHP) market.  


Through Baxi, Abode Heat will be offering discounted rates for its “Heat Pump Go” MCS Umbrella service which enables installers to easily access grant funding for homeowners. This means Abode Heat will take responsibility for key parts of the heat pump installation project, such as the DNO application in order to connect the ASHP to the electricity supply, verifying the installation is MCS compliant, and ensuring the customer will benefit from the £7,500 grant currently available through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS).


Abode Heat Director Ben Hodges said “There’s a disconnect between the different aspects of what’s required to install an ASHP – training, grant applications, contract, design and calculations, MCS accreditation and commissioning included.  Working alongside Baxi, we’re able to join those component parts up making it simpler and more manageable for installers to get involved in ASHP installations.”


As well as its Heat Pump Go MCS design expertise, Abode provides the back office engine that allows installers to focus on the fitting and installation, while Abode picks up the associated admin and paper work, such as BUS applications and MCS compliance.


Baxi is investing to double the capacity of its Warwick based training facility to 1,600 installers per year, helping them to design, install and commission heat pumps along side its traditional boiler business. By completing one of Baxi’s courses, the company will provide free of charge commissioning support for the first installation, and give installers access to Abode’s Heat Pump Go MCS umbrella provision for 20% below the standard rate.   

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Ian Trott, Baxi’s UK Training Manager, said; “We’ve teamed up with Abode to reduce the barriers installers need to overcome to get into lucrative ASHP installations, and to expand and deliver this important carbon reduction strategy. By enabling good installers, we’re helping to build confidence and trust among customers who are thinking about installing an ASHP as a clean heat solution for their homes.”  


For more information on the courses and how to enrol, installers should visit Baxi’s website here.


For more information about Abode Heat, click here.