NAPIT Helps to Convict Renewable Heating Conman


27 November 2015
Sacha -Dixey - Heat Pumps Today
Sacha Dixey faces six years in prison (photo courtesy of The Argus)
​Conman Sacha Dixey was recently sentenced to six years in prison recently for fraudulently taking money from homeowners to install energy efficient heating systems which never materialised. 
​Mr Dixey, 39, from 2 Mayfield Close Bognor Regis, charged customers up to £17,000 to install the heating systems and took deposits of around £3,500 for work which he never delivered. Dixey's fraudulent companies were Future Homes Energy Ltd and Nationwide Home Renewables Ltd.

His scam took £122,000 off vulnerable people who were duped into buying the energy efficient heating systems. Dixey's victims were led to believe that they would get money back from the Government through its Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) initiative. However, Dixey's companies were not registered under the scheme and none of his victims received a penny back. 

Dixey spent the money on holidays and expensive gifts.

NAPIT, the building services organisation, had already turned down Mr Dixey's request to be a member of the organisation. Their important evidence helped West Sussex County Council's Trading Standards team to convict Mr Dixey.

Mr Dixey pleaded guilty to 31 counts under the Fraud Act, Companies Act and Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations and now faces six years in jail. 
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