More retrofit conferences announced


13 July 2021

Low Carbon Homes has opened registration for five more retrofit conferences – each consisting of three days of discussion and knowledge-sharing to consider how best to rapidly scale up the retrofitting of housing locally. 

It is hoped that the long-anticipated - and now overdue - Heat and Buildings Strategy will pave the way to tackle one of the UK’s greatest de-carbonisation challenges – housing. Meanwhile city and regional leaders are setting ambitious targets and creating plans to not only reduce carbon impacts but also to stimulate the local economy and create a fairer society.   

Graham Lock, founder of Low Carbon Homes, said: “The roll-out of five more free-to-attend events comes as the UK Government continues to ponder how best to tackle the de-carbonisation of the UK’s 25,000,000 homes. Local leaders can’t wait for central government to make this happen for them. They are taking control and doing what’s best for their local communities.

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"By the end of this year our events will have helped 18 regions address their retrofit challenges and many of our conferences are now set to repeat annually. We believe that a local approach is the only way to achieve retrofit at-scale - to reduce the carbon impact of housing, eradicate fuel poverty and stimulate local economic recovery.”

The five 2021 events announced today are:

  • Shropshire – September 14-16, with Shropshire Council
  • North East – September 28-30, with NEECCo (North East England Climate Coalition)
  • Glasgow #2 – October 19-21, with Glasgow City Council
  • Suffolk #2– November 23-25, with Suffolk Climate Change Partnership
  • Lancashire – December 07-09, with West Lancashire Borough Council and Tawd Valley Developments

Registration for all 2021 events is open here.