More control from Panasonic


17 May 2019
panasonic air cource heat pump controller cascade
Panasonic has introduced a new Aquarea Cascade Controller designed to deliver increased energy efficiency for large applications. 

The controller can operate up to 10 Aquarea air to water heat pumps (160kW) simultaneously or in cascade mode, which Panasonic says helps to meet the heating or cooling demand of commercial buildings more efficiently. 
Cascade control is increasingly being utilised for large projects, making use of parallel-connected heat pumps and switching on the most efficient number of these as demand is increased or decreased. 

The new controller directly integrates with the building’s BEMS by a built-in modbus for a smart way to manage heating, cooling, domestic hot water (DHW) and monitor energy-usage. Photovoltaic solar panel functions, a 3-way external valve for cooling and up to three external heat meters can also be connected to the controller at one time, enabling facilities managers and maintenance professionals to oversee all operations and view essential information in one place. 

In addition, the controller includes a touch screen display with information about each of the connected heat pumps - ideal for quick servicing and maintenance tasks.
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