Ecodan Heat Pumps and Water Cylinders to be stocked by The Boiler Shop


24 April 2024

Mitsubishi Electric’s full range of Ecodan heat pumps and hot water cylinders will be stocked by the north-west’s independent merchants, The Boiler Shop.


All Ecodan products will now be available for The Boiler Shop’s customers, providing them with sustainable and energy-efficient heating solutions that also offer controllable home comfort.


The Boiler Shop is a proud family business established in 2000 serving the professional plumber and DIY market and providing free local delivery.


Mitsubishi Electric is at the forefront of developing innovative Ecodan air source heat pumps, including its new R290 high-temperature heat pump, and hot water systems, with a strong focus on environmental sustainability. Ecodan heat pumps utilise renewable energy to efficiently heat homes while significantly reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, Ecodan water cylinders offer advanced insulation and heat retention features, ensuring optimal energy efficiency for hot water storage.


Scott Ditchfield, Head of Sales Network, for Mitsubishi Electric’s Residential Product Group said: “It’s pleasing to have this agreement with The Boiler Shop, an established and trusted business serving the north-west. Our Ecodan products will now be readily available to The Boiler Shop and their customers can be assured of swift delivery of our extensive range of heat pumps and cylinders.”

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Wayne Carr, The Boiler Shop’s Managing Director, said: “Being asked by Mitsubishi Electric to be one of their very few stockists is a big deal for an independent like The Boiler Shop Limited. After all, they are a global enterprise and one of the biggest companies in the world. For them to view us as a company that they can trust with their brand and us be beneficial to that brand tells me that they have confidence in us and all the hard work myself and my team have done over the past years is coming to fruition.

 “We very much look forward to working with Mitsubishi Electric over the coming years and firmly believe our association with them will help drive us on to even greater things.”


For more information about Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan products available at The Boiler Shop, please visit