Autumn Budget - Reactionary Commentary via Worcester Bosch


17 November 2022

Industry reaction to the newly-announced energy efficiency push…

“Today’s announcement to double the Government’s energy efficiency investment with an extra £6bn from 2025 – and estimated saving of £450 per household on their bills as a result – is an investment the heating industry has been calling for. This is a small step in the right direction.


“We would expect the priority will be to use these funds to support the most vulnerable as well as small businesses, but with another expected round of tough cuts to come in April, we hope this is not just a half-hearted quick fix to a long-term problem.


“What we need now from BEIS is a comprehensive strategy from the new task force that extends on today’s plans. One that clearly shows thinking on how to better heatproof our houses and businesses, by embracing the development of new technologies and implementation of essential equipment upgrades.


“As an industry leader in the home heating sector, we realise the struggles millions of Brits will face paying bills. Today’s announcement is progress but we now need the Government to look long-term to how we can protect and serve homeowners long in the future with this new injection of funds and energy efficiency taskforce.”


On how homeowners can adjust their home heating habits to curb their daily spend further…

“Replacing an old boiler is a big step to making your heating system more efficient and retain valuable energy, perhaps with the use of hybrid systems or heat pumps. But for those looking for additional fixes in the short-term, there are more things you can do at home.

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“Switching off your appliances is the easiest way to cut down on your energy bills and help cut your energy consumption. Simply turning off your laptop when you have finished using it, unplugging your hair dryer, and turning off your TV from the socket can save you up to £25 a year. To save even more, bear in mind that tablets use 70% less power than laptops – so a massive saving there if you make the switch.


“Additionally, opting to air dry your clothes as opposed to using your tumble dryer can save you up to £60 a year on electricity. Less frequent washing machine and dishwasher cycles will not only help the environment by saving on water but will also help you cut down on your household bills.


“A typical bath requires about 90 litres of water, split between 60 litres or so of hot water and 20 to 30 of cold. A normal thermostatic mixer shower head discharges about nine litres a minute, requiring about six litres of hot and three litres of cold. So, providing you shower in less than 10 minutes, it will be more economical to shower.”


Reactionary comment from Carl Arntzen, CEO of Worcester Bosch