LG partners with Plumbase


27 August 2019
lg air to water heat pump renewables green energy R32 monobloc splits
LG's Neil Hopkinson and Ian Smith from Plumbase Renewables
Plumbase has become the first major merchant group to stock LG’s range of air to water heat pumps.
The Therma V line-up of R32 Monobloc, splits and high temperature splits will be availabe at 150 Plumbase branches available across the UK.
LG’s Neil Hopkinson said: “We’ve seen huge uptake of the Therma V via our distributors across the country and with the expansion of our training facilities – in Weybridge and Chesterfield – and with all courses booked up well in advance, it’s clear that the levels of interest in installing air to water heat pumps is increasing month by month.

"As the pressure on fossil fuels increases, it’s inevitable that we’ll see increased take up of heat pumps in the years ahead. They represent an established and highly successful option for people in the UK climate. Now is the right time for air source heat pumps and Plumbase has taken a sensible step to ensure they will be at the forefront of air source heat pump distribution here in the UK.”

Plumbase renewables manager Ian Smith said: “We’ve been liaising with LG for a while now and my vision is to get their range of heat pumps on display in our showrooms and available to our customers. We have a very real ‘boiler culture’ in this country, but we are seeing far more people looking at renewable energy and renewable heating options for their homes.

"Installers clearly need to be able to offer this option to their customers. It’s an exciting time for those who are keen on the technology and who understand the potential for growth in the heat pump marketplace.  We believe that the LG Therma V range will soon become second nature to many installers who visit our branches.”

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