LG launches #CareForWhereYouLive


09 February 2022

LG Electronics has launched a campaign targeting UK consumers to raise awareness of the role of heat pumps in sustainability.

As part of the #CareForWhereYouLive campaign, LG has released a video showing how the use of technology such as the Therma V air-to-water heat pump can help build a sustainable future.

LG says the Therma V is more sustainable than conventional heat pumps and, at up to four times more energy efficient than a traditional boiler, can deliver a cost-effective heating and hot water solution.

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#CareForWhereYouLive is the latest in an on going series of LG initiatives presenting simple ways that everyone can help do their part to ensure a better tomorrow.

“Here in the UK, heat pumps are getting that impetus behind them that will see them accepted in the next few years as a mainstream method of providing heat and hot water in our homes,” says LG’s Peter Spurway. “It’s a vital time to get the heat pump message across to the UK population and to educate the general public and the installer network about the substantial benefits that switching to a proven, renewable option offers.

"For installers, its all about delivering the installation training that is vital to ensure that installed heat pumps deliver the maximum benefits to their owners.”

Watch the video and learn more about the campaign at the LG website.