Jody Lees to Leave LG


22 September 2015
Jody Lees, the Head of Air Conditioning and Energy for LG in the UK, today announced that he is to leave the company at the end of October. 
Jody cited the reason for leaving is the impact his role has had upon his family. He stated:
 “My decision is largely due to the sacrifice of time spent at home & with our new office location in Weybridge it’s added even further commuting issues.”
He has had a major impact on the position of LG in the UK and the awareness of the brand in the UK within the air conditioning and heat pump markets. He changed the way the company approached the market and how they interacted with customers. One of his initiatives was to bring mixed groups of contractors, consultants, engineers and the press together on sites visits. This had the effect of sparking conversations, networking and articles which created new business for LG.

Lees also brought new talent into the UK team including top quality sales and marketing people to help grow the business.
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