Invertek Drives joins EHPA


13 October 2022
Pictured at Chillventa, from left, Sarah Azau and Thomas Nowak of the EHPA with Dylan Davies and Mike Carman of Invertek Drives

Invertek Drives has joined the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) and met with the association’s secretary general, Thomas Nowak, at Chillventa to discuss Invertek’s investment in in VFD technology to support the rapidly growing heat pump market.

Invertek has already launched a VFD aimed specifically at OEMs involved in heat pump manufacturing. Optidrive Coolvert is designed to work specifically with heat pumps, BLDC compressors and CDUs. It is also supporting the growth in the refrigeration market where natural CO2 and propane refrigerants are used.

“Heat pump sales in Europe grew by 34% in 2021. That was 2.18 million heat pumps, an increase of more than half a million in just one year,” said Mike Carman of Invertek Drives. 

“Globally, the sales of heat pumps are reaching significant levels countries tackle climate change and look to reduce carbon emissions through greater use of renewable technology.

“Our VFDs are already significantly reducing energy use in electric motor, pump and compressor applications as well as significantly increasing efficiencies in such processes. This is leading to a reduction in harmful emissions, helping support the drive to cut climate change.

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“We recognise the importance of the heat pump market in supporting decarbonisation and the importance of VFD technology to support this. By becoming part of the ever growing EHPA we will work with them, their members and other stakeholders to support the sector’s rapid growth globally.”

The EHPA published a report into the European heat pump market in July. It revealed more than 2.18 million heat pumps were sold in 21 countries in 2021, an increase of 560,000 on 2020. It stated that more than 44 million tonnes of CO2 were now being avoided as a result.

Thomas Nowak said: “Heat pumps boost Europe’s energy security and climate action, and the more the sector works together, the stronger we can be.

“That is why we are delighted to welcome Invertek Drives to EHPA, and to thank all our more recent and longer standing members for their hard work and contribution to making this a truly united sector. At a time of climate crisis and spiralling gas prices, it is more important than ever to speak with one voice.”