Installers 'very optimistic' on low-carbon future


22 November 2022

Plumbing and heating installers are very optimistic about the future of their businesses as more households explore low-carbon heating solutions, according to new research. 

Daikin UK’s latest Installer Confidence Monitor*, which surveys members of its Sustainable Home Network, found that over half (53%) predict that between half and all their business will come from installing heat pumps and hybrid heat pumps in the next five years.

Meanwhile, 62% expect their profits to increase over the next 12 months and 88% expect profits to increase over the next five years.

The research comes amid increased calls for government support for households to make the heat pump transition, with nine out of ten (93%) agreeing that more must be done to make heat pumps affordable and accessible. And 59% agree that the government should support hybrid heat pumps as an important transitional technology for homeowners.

Martin Passingham, product and training manager at Daikin UK said: “It’s encouraging that Sustainable Home Network installers see a bright future for heat pumps and hybrid heat pumps, and are confident about the future of their businesses.

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“Upskilling is vital to help decarbonise the UK’s home heating, so it’s great to see that training is still a top priority for many, who plan to invest time and money in installation training for both heat pumps and hybrid heat pumps over the next 12 months.

“This will help installers future-proof their businesses as existing customers upgrade to cleaner, green options, while growing and expand their customer base, with over two thirds looking to recruit in the next five years.” 

Through its accredited courses and around 40-strong network of Sustainable Home Centres, Daikin says it has capacity to train over 7,000 installers on air source heat pumps. It has also recently launched a new Training Academy in partnership with CB Heating and EDF which will train around 4,000 installers a year through practical and classroom training.

*Survey conducted October 2022, with a sample of 32 plumbing and heating installers on the Daikin Sustainable Home Network.