HPA to hold a free webinar on Heat Pump Refrigerants


01 May 2024

The Heat Pump Association (HPA), in collaboration with elemental, will hold a free heat pump refrigerant awareness webinar on Wednesday 22nd May (10 am – 11 am).

Safe and efficient installation practices are vital for a successful transition to low carbon heating systems, such as heat pumps. Heat pumps utilise the properties of refrigerants within a vapour compression cycle that absorbs and releases heat to efficiently transfer energy for heating purposes.

In the UK, the installation and safe handling of fluorinated refrigerants (F-Gasses) is currently regulated under the EU F-Gas Directive (No 517/2014). With the increasing regulatory pressure to reduce the use of high Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants, there is a growing trend towards lower GWP refrigerants. However, these can be non-Fluorinated refrigerants and, therefore fall outside of the Directive, and many of these refrigerants have a safety class rating of “flammable” or “higher flammability”.

This presents unique challenges for equipment which contains low-GWP, and flammable refrigerants with regards to how to ensure that engineers who are installing or handling equipment, or working on the heat pump refrigerant circuit, are suitably trained. In response, the HPA is calling for:

  • Awareness of both F-Gas and Non-F-Gas Flammable refrigerants to be held by all those installing heat pumps, and that an overview of such must be included in all heat pump training courses.
  • Installers who are installing split-refrigerant heat pump systems containing a non-F-Gas flammable refrigerant or who break the hermetic seal of a heat pump containing a non-F-Gas flammable refrigerant for servicing or maintenance purposes should hold a formal, regulated qualification on understanding the properties and application of non-F-Gas flammable refrigerants.

To support this, the HPA in collaboration with elemental, will be running an informative refrigerant awareness webinar on Wednesday 22nd May (10 am – 11 am). This will provide heat pump installers, designers, and specifiers with enhanced knowledge about common heat pump refrigerants and key considerations to support the correct installation, maintenance, and servicing.

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As the industry shifts towards utilising low GWP refrigerants, the importance of comprehensive training for installers cannot be overstated. Non-fluorinated, flammable refrigerants, present unique challenges that require additional knowledge and skills to ensure safe handling and installation.

We are committed to supporting the heat pump industry’s transition to low GWP refrigerants in a manner that prioritises safety and installer responsibility. We are doing this through a combination of updating our Regulated Qualification Framework Qualification Specifications, supporting new entrants in understanding the properties of a wider array of refrigerants, calling on policymakers to introduce mandatory training as outlined above and hosting this free CPD accredited webinar.  

Find out more:

The HPA/elemental Refrigerant webinar is free to attend and open to anyone interested in learning more about the role that refrigerants play in the effective operation of a heat pump, and important safety considerations for heat pumps with different types of low GWP refrigerants. All elemental’s webinars are CPD Certification Service assessed and accredited and attendees are entitled to receive a CPD certificate that counts towards demonstrating their ongoing professional development.

Register for free here: https://www.crowdcast.io/c/refrigerant-awareness