HPA role for NIBE MD


30 April 2019
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Phil Hurley
NIBE Energy Systems UK managing director Phil Hurley has been appointed as vice-chair of the Heat Pump Association.
He said: “I am very pleased and honoured to have taken on this role, assisting the new chairman, Graham Wright, in achieving the association’s aims and goals.

"I’m looking forward to working with a range of manufacturers to promote all types of heat pumps and, with the opportunities ahead to de-carbonise heat in our homes and buildings, there is much that we can achieve together.
“We want to support and encourage the increased use of heat pumps and this has never been more critical now that the Government has outlined a ban on gas boilers in new homes from 2025. 

​"The future for heat pumps in the UK is very exciting and I hope that in the long term we can emulate the benefits enjoyed by other European countries who have embraced the technology and wide product range available to great effect.”

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