HPA react to the proposal to delay the Clean Heat Market Mechanism


15 March 2024
Charlotte Lee of the Heat Pump Association

Reacting to the Government’s proposal of a one-year delay to the start of the Clean Heat Market mechanism, until the 1st of April 2025, Charlotte Lee, CEO of the Heat Pump Association whose membership includes heat pump manufacturers which provide over 85% of the heat pumps in the UK said: “Today the Government has issued an addendum to their consultation response on the Clean Heat Market Mechanism, proposing a one-year delay to its introduction.

“Whilst this does not provide the certainty industry desperately needs; it does offer an opportunity for the Government to deliver functioning processes in a transparent manner to enable the mechanism to work. This delay also provides time for the Government to lay the required Statutory Instruments to introduce the policy.

“We will continue to work closely with the Government to support the introduction of the CHMM in due course and call on them to use this time to take meaningful action to rebalance the price of electricity relative to gas, so the lowest carbon heat is the lowest cost heat, to further support the acceleration of decarbonised heat.”

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