HPA backing renovation campaign


08 January 2019
The Heat Pump Association (HPA) is backing calls for improved thermal efficiency in all buildings to reduce energy use.

Renovate Europe, a political campaign group targeting an 80% reduction in energy use in buildings across Europe by 2050, has reported that the EU is well behind target, particularly in the domestic sector. There are an estimated 200 million dwellings in the EU in need of renovation and improved energy conservation measures. The current rate of renovation is 1% per annum whereas 3% pa is required to meet the 2050 target.
HPA president Graham Wright said: “Improved insulation and energy efficiency of dwellings makes sense whatever the heating system deployed since this will reduce emissions and fuel costs regardless of technology. Although there is an urban myth that heat pumps can only be installed in highly thermally efficient buildings, there can be additional benefits for heat pumps when retrofitted in renovated buildings.”
Existing heat emitters may be able to provide the new reduced heat demand at lower than the original design temperature. This optimises heat pump performance whilst at the same time does not require heat emitters to be up-sized by replacement.

A further advantage of major renovation is the possibility to choose some of the new low profile wet underfloor heating (UFH) systems, which can provide increased comfort and reduced running costs when fitted with any heating system. 

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