Homeowner demand driving increase in renewable heating sources


03 January 2024

Last month, it was reported that there has been a record number of renewable energy installations in the first six months of 2023 and heat pumps reached a peak number of 3,000 household installations a month for the first time, according to industry standards body MCS.

The data found that while the industry itself is pushing to meet ambitious government targets, consumers are also gaining the confidence to invest in renewable systems, such as heat pumps and solar. In fact, according to recent research, the rise in renewable heating

systems across the UK is being largely driven by homeowner demand, with a third (33%) of residential heating engineers saying that homeowners are ‘very passionate’ about reducing carbon emissions, and 29% saying that consumers only ask for renewable heat sources.

With the cost of energy continuing to remain unstable, demand is also being created by consumers who are looking to renewable technology to decrease the hefty energy bills we have seen over the past year by generating their own energy and heat.

In fact, the survey, which was commissioned by Polypipe Building Products, revealed that almost one in five (18%) of homeowners are interested in renewables mainly because they want to reduce gas bills, and a further 17% put their customers’ interest primarily down to reducing long-term costs overall.

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Commenting on the findings, Dan Love, Head of Commercial at Polypipe Building Products said, “With an obvious and increasing demand from homeowners, the argument for developers to invest in renewable heating sources has never been clearer. Whether it is due to a desire to decrease carbon emissions, or to save money on energy bills, British households are increasingly embracing the option of renewable energy, meaning that in time – if not already – low carbon heating systems will have a large impact on home buyers’ purchasing decisions.”